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Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor

Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor
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Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor
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What is 180 Optical Encoder Motor?

180 optical encoder motor is equipped with optical encoder which enables motor to control in high-accuracy. And the unique structure makes this motor compliable with various parts. Meanwhile, due to the special materials, it produces lower noise while running and promises large output torque.


• Flexible installation: compliable with Makeblock platform, having flexible installation. Directly drive sprockets, gears, synchronous belts, rubber tires and tracks, etc;

• Optical encoder: control precisely with PID and PWM calculation;

• Powerful capability: compared to other motors in the same level, this encoder motor has high torque, high reduction ratio and high output rotate speed;

• Lower noise: equipped with gear case in POM materials which is anti-abrasive and makes lower noise;

• Long service time: with special 45# steel output shaft, the motor can transmit great torque efficiently as well as reduce attrition and increase service life.




Reduction Ratio                 39.6                
Rated Voltage 7.4V
No Load Current 240mA
Load Current =750mA
NO Load Speed 350RPM±5%
Rated Load Speed (RPM) 178±10%
Rated Speed 14000RPM±5%
Rated Load Torque
Break-out Torque
Output Shaft 9mm
Power 3.7W
Encoder accuracy 360


Product Information

SKU 81340
Product Name 180 Optical Encoder Motor Pack
Package content 1 x 180 Optical Encoder Motor Pack
1 x 180 Optical Encoder Motor Pack – 180mm – black
Package Dimension 150*103*30 mm 
(5.9*4.1* 1.2 inch)
Product Dimension 65.3*48.1*24.0 mm 
(2.57*1.90*0.95 inch)
Net Weight 61.5g (2.17oz)

Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor Makeblock-180 Optical Encoder Motor

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