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1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android

1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android
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1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android
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1Sheeld - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android                                                                                                         
Ein Shield welches die Sensoren des Handy nutzt. Man braucht also keine Sensorshields mehr kaufen, sondern hat alles in einem Gerät.

Getting Started Video:

Traffic clock Video:

Amazon echo Video:

Example of 1Sheeld shields: 

GLCD Shield - Allows you to use your smartphone display screen as a graphical LCD screen for Arduino., so you can draw characters or interactive shapes with Arduino code.

Color Detector Shield - Allows you to detect colors with your smartphone camera, and trigger the Arduino to take actions based on the colors detected.

Internet Shield - Brings the power of IoT with the simplicity of 1Sheeld and Arduino to your door, so now you can handle Http requests, access certain REST api’s “even with JSON format” and get their responses then take a certain action using the Hardware experience.

Pattern Shield - Turns your smartphone to a secret pattern locker shield so Arduino can take actions by a certain patterns defined by user.

Voice Recognition Shield - Control your Arduino with voice commands with 1 line of code, you can trigger it to control a robot or talk to your home appliances!

Text To Speech Shield - Let your Arduino board talk to you, get text from Arduino and convert into speech to hear through the smart phone's speaker.

Data Logger Shield - Use the memory of your smart phone to log the data of a certain sensor with Arduino, you can export the data in CSV format.

Terminal Shield - Turn your smart phone into a terminal and get the data from Arduino to your screen! Learn more from the examples page.

Twitter Shield - Bringing twitter into your Arduino sketch. Twitter shield allows you to send tweets with only 1 line of code in your sketch.

Facebook Shield - Helps you update your status on Facebook under certain conditions declared in your sketch.

Email Shield - Send emails when any hardware event happens.

Skype Shield - Skype is now in your sketch, feel free to call or video-call others when a certain condition is met.

SMS Shield - Allows you to send an SMS to a phone number when a certain trigger is on.

Camera Shield - Allows you to take pictures when a certain event happens, use your Arduino board to trigger the camera in your smartphone, you can take photos in the dark as well with the flash light.

Gyroscope Shield - Tinker with the Gyroscope sensor in your smartphone and turn on some LEDs while playing with the by getting the values on the 3-Axis (X, Y & Z), you can use it also to drive an Arduino controlled car.

Accelerometer Shield - Get the acceleration of a moving objects is easier now by writing a simple line in your sketch, the shield gets you the data of X, Y and Z axis of the accelerometer sensor in your smartphone.

And many more shields at

1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android 1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android 1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android 1Sheeld+ - Arduino Shield für IOS und Android

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